Cooling Tower Services

Marley Flow Control one of Australia’s leading cooling tower manufacturers, suppliers and repair technicians. Australian owned and operated, we have the experience to deliver the right solution for your cooling tower needs.

We offer a wide range of turnkey cooling tower solutions that are applicable everything from air conditioning to large-scale industrial process. As the SPX (Marley) agents in Eastern Australia & NZ, we represent the world’s only “full line” cooling tower manufacturer solution. Our team can assist with cooling tower design, supply and maintenance. Contact us to find the right solution for your business.

Engineering data for SPX (Marley) models:

Marley NC cooling towers

Marley MD Cooling Towers

Marley Aquatowers

Marley MCW Cooling Towers

Marley MH Fluid Coolers

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Whatever your Cooling Tower needs, our team is ready to find the most cost-effective and efficient solution to your cooling needs.

Installation and Turnkey Cooling Towers

One of our industrial cooling towers in Melbourne

Marley Flow Control can deliver turnkey solutions.  We will locate your towers, plumb and wire them in.  We can also weld and fabricate supports and demolish and remove your old cooling tower. Whether on an industrial site, in a plant room or on a high rise building roof we can do it.

We can replace cooling towers in stages, ensuring continuous operation of your cooling system.


Factory-assembled Cooling Towers


Marley Flow Control is the Australian distributor for the SPX (Marley) cooling tower range.  We will help choose the correct product, according to the thermal duty, noise and space limitations, environmental conditions and water conditions.

Click on read more to find out more about the types of SPX (Marley) cooling towers we supply, install and repair.


Field-erected Cooling Towers

Marley Flow Control, Customer Made Cooling Towers

Field-erected towers are larger towers usually with requirements associated with the construction, operating modes, noise, power consumption, visible plume and maintenance.

Utilising industry-leading technology our team of engineering specialists will provide a custom-designed cooling tower to meet your specific needs.


SPX Cooling Towers

SPX low-noise cooling tower supplied by Marley Flow Control Australia

Marley Flow Control act as the Australian distributor for the SPX (Marley) cooling tower range. Whether you require a packaged or a field built cooling tower, our experienced team can help find the right solution for your business needs.

Click on read more to find out more about the types of SPX (Marley) cooling towers we supply, maintain or install and allow our team to find the right cooling tower solution for you.


Inspection and Repairs

Cooling Tower Repair at Orica in Newcastle

Marley Flow Control offer a comprehensive cooling tower maintenance and repair service to a wide range of business sectors in Australia, New Zealand & beyond.

Quality parts, modern systems and experienced staff will save your company money by providing a maintenance solution that works for your business. We also offer accurate long laser alignment to ensure your system is aligned and balanced.



cooling tower fan repair and refurbishments Australia

Marley Flow Control are the exclusive provider of genuine SPX (Marley) parts for all historic Marley towers such as; Class 600, Series 10, Series 15, Sigma, Class 400, NC, AQ and MHF.  We can also supply fill, distribution systems, drift eliminators and mechanical components for towers of other manufacturers.

MFC will fit your parts too, see Inspection and Repair.


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