Marley Flow Control Fuel Tank Repair

Project Description

Location: Sydney, Australia
Year Completed: 2018
Job Type: Large Diesel fuel tank repair

Marley Flow Control was engaged to repair the floor of a 13,000,000 litre riveted diesel fuel tank. Previous floor repairs had been completed in the 1980’s and a non-complaint fibreglass floor had been overlaid on top of the original steel plate. The fibreglass floor prevented accurate scans of the original tank floor and also prevented accurate thickness readings to be taken of the floor, thus the tank surveys could not be completed in accordance with the API code.

The overlayed fibreglass floor was removed with grit blasting to reveal the original tank floor materials. The tank floor was radar scanned for imperfections and material samples taken to verify which materials had been used in the original tank construction. The tank floor was also vacuum tested for potential leaks and a dossier was compiled.

Once the tests had been completed the floor was repainted and the tank returned to service once painting QA checks had been completed and verified.