Pipework Installations

Marley Flow Control has the right technicians and procedures to repair and maintain your pumping equipment to the manufacturer’s original specifications.

We are able to maintain both Marley brand pumps as well as a wide range of alternative manufacturer’s equipment. Don’t right your pump off before contacting our team today.

We have experience servicing and maintaining pumps in a number of challenging environments including in confined spaces and in remote locations.

Save money in replacement costs by having our skilled team provide scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs to your pump system.

Ask us for a FREE quote today.

Whatever your pump related needs, our team is ready to find the most cost-effective and efficient solution to your cooling needs.

Industries we service

Marley Flow Control has experience working with nearly all Australian industries that require an industrial pump solution. These industries include:

Power Stations – Coal, gas and geothermal

Chemical Plants – Ammonium nitrate, ammonia fertilizer

Refineries – Petroleum, natural gas

Air Conditioning – Hospitals, shopping centres, universities, data centres, office and apartment blocks and airports

Food – Refrigeration, processing