Spray Nozzles

The EV series nozzle is a low clog nozzle designed for use in the MSS series of towers. The EV nozzle uses inserts with different orifice diameters to regulate discharge patterns over a range of line pressures. EV nozzles feature an easy screw into distribution pipe arrangement which ensures a secure fit and reduces the possibility of nozzles dislodging during operation.

The zero maintenance ZMII nozzle remains clog free while providing even and constant water distribution for reliable scale free evaporative cooling under all conditions. The heavy duty nylon spray nozzles have a 1-5/16″ diameter opening and a 1/2″ splash plate clearance.

The 2 range of nozzles are available in all sizes starting from the 2AAA right through to the large orifice 2B nozzle. All 2 series nozzles thread into the distribution system pipe and can easily be removed for cleaning and system maintenance. The nozzle has a well established history of efficient and trouble free operation.

EV36 and EV37 nozzles are commonly found in competitors equipment from fluid coolers to evaporative condensers and utilize a rubber grommet push in installation design. Nozzles can be supplied with or without grommets as required and are manufactured from materials that equal or exceed the requirements of OEM designs.

Sweeper nozzles are designed for installation in equipment cold water basins where units are used in processes that generate dirty recirculating water or where the surrounding environment is conductive to contaminating the recirculating water. Sweeper nozzles spray pressurized water at critical points in the cold water basin to a filter system suction point where the water and suspended solids can then be treated and separated. These systems help keep the recirculating water systems clean, reduce scale, microbial growth and chemical treatment.

EVX nozzles are gravity fed nozzles used in cross flow cooling towers. The EVX design utilizes holes drilled in the hot water basin where the nozzles are then press fit into position. This design insures nozzles do not work loose under the force of water entering the hot water basins of larger cross flow cooling tower designs.

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Industries we service

Marley Flow Control has experience working with nearly all Australian industries that require a cooling tower solution. These industries include:

Power Stations – Coal, gas and geothermal

Chemical Plants – Ammonium nitrate, ammonia fertilizer

Refineries – Petroleum, natural gas

Air Conditioning – Hospitals, shopping centres, universities, data centres, office and apartment blocks and airports

Food – Refrigeration, processing

Plus many more.