Pump Sales & Service

Marley Flow Control (Pump Solutions) offer supply and installation of centrifugal pumpsets for industrial and HVAC water systems and for fuel transfer and delivery systems. Our turnkey service includes laser alignment, pipework, wiring and control systems and commissioning /troubleshooting services.

We also supply and install piping materials including schedule 80 PVC, ABS, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Our pump system repair and overhaul is backed by 100 years of combined experience – Ask us how we can help.

See below for a description of pump services we offer.

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Whatever your Pump needs, our team is ready to find the most cost-effective and efficient solution to your cooling needs.

Industrial cooling water systems

Cooling System Pumps Australia

Reliable cooling water pumps and pipework systems are essential to maintaining an efficient and hassle-free cooling water circuit.

Marley Flow Control (Pump Solutions) have the expertise to design and install centrifugal pump systems that remove the uncertainty from your flow circuits.


HVAC chilled and hot water systems

HVAC Pumps Australia

Quality equipment at competitive pricing is an essential combination in the demanding world of HVAC systems.

Marley Flow Control (Pump Solutions) offers the right balance of reliability and affordability, backed by the technical know-how to meet every requirement.


Fuel transfer and delivery systems

Fuel Delivery Pumps Australia

Marley Flow Control has supplied and maintained fuel pumps and delivery systems on Australian Defence sites for the past 15+ years.

Over this time we have installed a wide range of Marley pumpsets and pipeline equipment to satisfy the demands of highly regulated environments.


Pump installation services

Pumpset Installations Australia

Correct hydraulic design and mounting is key to ensuring that process systems perform efficiently and without the problems associated with cavitation, vibration and water hammer.

Marley Flow Control has the experience required to keep costs down.


Laser alignment of pumpsets

Cooling tower repair being performed in the Melbourne or Sydney area

We utilise our own highly accurate laser alignment tools and stay up to date with the latest technology and training to ensure our technicians maintain alignment within coupling manufacturer’s tolerances.

A detailed alignment report is produced on each installation to verify the accuracy and precision of each shaft connection.


Installation services

pipework installation Australia

We specialise in turnkey projects that combine cooling towers, pumps and piping systems as well as fuel handling systems.

Our dedicated team of technicians are experienced in both metallic and non-metallic pipework installations. We also have experience working in confined spaces, working at heights, and in remote locations.


Pump repairs and maintenance

industrial pump service and maintenance

The Marley Flow Control team can repair and maintain your pumping equipment to the manufacturer’s original specifications.

We are able to maintain both Marley brand pumps as well as a wide range of alternative manufacturer’s equipment. Don’t write your pump off before contacting our team today.