HVAC condenser water, chilled water and hot water systems

Marley Flow Control offers a wide range of pump equipment including: 

  • End suction centrifugal to DIN24255 (EN733) standard
  • End suction centrifugal to ISO 2858 standard
  • End suction centrifugal to ISO 5199 standard
  • End suction centrifugal to ANSI B73.1M standard
  • Vertical multi-stage centrifugal to ISO 9906 standard
  • Self-priming centrifugal for clean and dirty fluid applications
  • HDG steel baseplates – hard mounted
  • HDG steel baseplates – spring mounted
  • HDG steel baseplates – inertia style with standard or seismic spring mounts

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Industries we service

Marley Flow Control has experience working with nearly all Australian industries that require an industrial pump solution. These industries include:

Power Stations – Coal, gas and geothermal

Chemical Plants – Ammonium nitrate, ammonia fertilizer

Refineries – Petroleum, natural gas

Air Conditioning – Hospitals, shopping centres, universities, data centres, office and apartment blocks and airports

Food – Refrigeration, processing