Shangri La Sydney

Cooling Tower Installation at Shangri La Hotel Sydney

Project Description

Client: Shangri La Hotel
Location: Sydney
Year Completed: 2014
Job Type: Cooling Tower Replacement

Shangri La Hotel Sydney needed their in-effecient wooden cooling towers removed and replaced with new stainless steel equipment, while the cooling system remained online to ensure the comfort of the Hotel’s guest was maintained at all times.

The installation took place on the 35th floor, which meant all materials were moved through the service lifts late in the evening to avoid disruption to the Hotel guests, and the new equipment was assembled in-situ.

Further to the cooling tower installation, the Marley Flow Control team removed the old ducting and replaced it with a more elegant layout to avoid overhead structures and provide a more effective airflow delivery.

Qenos Botany Bay

Project Description

Client: Qenos
Location: Botany Bay
Year Completed: 2015
Job Type: Cooling Tower Design and Installation

The Qenos chemical plant at Botany Bay required a new cooling tower to meet their stringent material specifications. Marley Flow Control worked closely with the internal Qenos engineering team to adapt the existing piping and concrete basin to fit the new cooling tower. Our team successfully designed a system that provided access and safety features that met the strict OH&S requirements of the plant.

An off-site modular construction process significantly lowered the on-site duration to less than 3 weeks including the demolition of the old existing cooling tower and the installation of the Marley Flow Control cooling tower solution.

Orica Kooragang Island

Cooling Tower Repair at Orica in Newcastle

Project Description

Client: Orica
Location: Kooragang Island, Newcastle
Year Completed: 2016
Job Type: Industrial cooling tower repair

Marley Flow Control was contracted by Orica to complete a significant list of repairs to their large industrial cooling tower. Due to the value of this site during its production times, the repairs needed to be carried out during a 5 yearly shutdown.

Our team completed the repairs on time in conjunction with the other activity that was taking place during the shutdown.

The success of this project was only possible due to the experience¬†of the Marley Flow Control’s team.

The extensive work included 100% splash fill replacement, as well as full drift eliminator and structural bolt replacement, mechanical supports, anchor brackets and stair access.