The Marley® NC Alpha is a steel structure, splash fill, factory assembled crossflow cooling tower, designed to serve “dirty water” cooling systems which would place the long term operation of a film-fill cooling tower in jeopardy. With shorter lead times and the elimination of stick-built field-assembly labor, the NC Alpha cooling tower offers distinct advantages for industries where dirty water warrants a splash-fill cooling tower. The NC Alpha is the ideal replacement for splash fill applications previously utilized by the Series 10/15 cooling tower line.


“Availability: Worldwide
GPM Range: 290 – 2700
OSHA compliant
High seismic options for earthquake zones
Low sound fans standard on all models
Single or dual inlet piping
Rugged G-235 (Z725) galvanized steel
300 series stainless steel optional upgrade to part or entire structure
5 year mechanical warranty”


“Low Maintenance/Less Downtime
The Marley NC cooling tower is one of the few tower configurations that can be maintained while operating, allowing cleaning and inspecting the distribution system without requiring the pumps to be turned off. Plus, the standard gear drive system can operate for 5 years without an oil change or loss of efficiency. A tremendous advantage over a belt drive system which will require periodic belt replacement and adjustment. All this means less downtime which is especially important for mission or production critical facilities.

Quiet by Design
All Marley NC cooling towers are designed for low sound levels. Models using the Quiet fan option are configured with the best available combination of low noise premium efficiency motors, quiet drive reduction with matched gear sets, and high solidity premium efficiency fans. In concert, these components provide quiet operation for all but the most strict requirements and specifications. Sound attenuation is also an option.

Long Life Construction
Rugged G235 heavy mill galvanized steel is standard with 300 series stainless steel as an optional upgrade to part or the entire tower structure. Marley ISO certified plants assure quality factory-assembly. Plus, the NC stainless steel cooling tower comes with SPX Cooling Technologies’ exclusive 5-year limited warranty.

Low Operating Costs
Marley high-efficiency alpha splash-fill and fans, gravity-flow water distribution, and efficient mechanical drive systems work together to offer maximum cooling with minimum power use.

All Season Performance
Performs as specified in the heat of summer — responds well to energy-management techniques in the spring and fall.”