One of the very first factory assembled cooling towers ever designed and manufactured. Evolutionary enhancements over more than 70 years have made this the cooling tower of choice for over 50,000 installations since 1947! The Aquatower cooling tower has inspired many imitators, but only Marley can offer you the original. Its compact size means there are no hidden spray systems, tiny nozzles, or enclosed basins. All primary components of the Aquatower cooling tower are open to view, which means that maintenance does not get any easier.


“Compact and Powerful
Your needs have dictated constant technological improvement. Thousands of Aquatower cooling tower users enjoy the benefits of eight major redesigns and dozens of minor improvements in the past 65 years. For example, PVC film-fill enables the Aquatower to reject more heat per unit size. We also put the air inlet louvers and drift eliminators integral to the fill sheets. This new arrangement saves you fan horsepower by improving airflow through the cooling tower.
Simplified Maintenance
The Aquatower is a maintenance delight! You’ll appreciate the way the Aquatower cooling tower simplifies maintenance. No hidden spray systems, tiny nozzles, or enclosed basins here! You can easily replace and align V-belts from outside the cooling tower.

All primary components of the Aquatower are open to view. You can easily remove any debris from the upper basin or nozzles while the cooling tower is in operation.

Heavy mill galvanizing on all steel components prevents base metal corrosion. Optional stainless steel and fiberglass models enhance the Aquatower with proven corrosion resistance.

Ready for Your Job
Above all, the Aquatower is readily available. You won’t have to wait around or accept second best when you need a cooling tower. We maintain an impressive stock of completed cooling towers at our own plants. A growing number of local distributors can draw from that stock.

Contact your local distributor or Marley representative. They’ll be glad to help you choose the proper model cooling tower for your needs. They can also help you with your cooling tower layout and piping.”


“Integrated Parts
You’ll enjoy single source responsibility and reliability because we design and manufacture virtually all major cooling tower components.
All Marley components are designed and selected to be a part of an integrated system. For example, the spray pattern from nozzles and the pressure drop through drift eliminators both affect a fill’s heat transfer capacity. So, we include that impact in our thermal analysis.

Drift eliminators must be effective at the air velocities where fill is most efficient. So, we’ve carefully designed both components to work together efficiently.

Our total system approach assures that all the parts work together to provide you the greatest total performance. And because we design specifically for cooling towers, all our components will provide many years of service with minimal maintenance.

Warranty and Service
Every Aquatower cooling tower carries a full one-year warranty. The Aquatower you buy from us will work on your job or we’ll make it right. Your warranty includes thermal performance and every component of the tower. The SPX Cooling Technologies warranty is your assurance of performance — for a full year.”