Plume from a cooling tower can pose several issues. It may affect visibility and safety as well as public perception. Plume abatement is the process of removing this visible plume.ClearSky is a fully integrated system that operates more reliably than coil-based systems. By using a series of PVC heat exchanger modules in the tower plenum, ambient air condenses much of the moisture before it exits the tower thereby reducing the plume.


“Aesthetics / Neighbor Relations
Even though the cooling tower plume is made up of water vapor, a community may perceive it as unwanted or smoke-related. This may affect the use of nearby land or decrease property values.

Community concerns regarding visibility can be removed by significantly reducing visible plume.

The ClearSky Plume Abatement System can be added to existing cooling towers in many cases, making plume abatement even more economical.

Permitting can be a long and costly process. Eliminating the visible plume may enhance a smooth permitting process.

Water Conservation
Water is increasingly becoming a scarce and valuable commodity. Removing water from the vapor plume can help decrease water-related costs and help the environment.”


“Lower Installation Cost
Less piping means less investment than conventional systems
Greater Design Flexibility
Back-to-back design allows for easy installation, including retrofits

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Unique patented design and materials means less need for maintenance

Reduced Auxiliary Power Usage
Driven by reduced pump head, ClearSky towers can effectively reduce auxiliary power usage when compared to coil type hybrid towers

Improved Permitting
Smoother process with reduced likelihood of interruption due to public comment

Lower Cost Versus Dry
The high-performance operation you need with fewer costs

Utilizes less energy and has lower carbon footprint, than dry systems

Improved safety for surrounding transportation and improved neighbor relations”