The ultimate in versatility, efficiency, and quality for large scale HVAC, power and industrial facilities. Each cooling tower is customized to meet your exact specifications for performance, structure, drift, and sound.


“Counterflow cooling tower design allows maximum thermal performance capability per unit of plan area. Minimizes pump head requirements. Available with your choice of heat exchange media to satisfy just about any water quality. In addition, fiberglass, concrete or wood structure give you the flexibility to choose the material best for your cooling tower application.

Fiberglass Pultrusion Counterflow Cooling Towers
Pultruded structural components used throughout the cooling tower produce an engineered framework of unsurpassed quality, reliability and safety. Structural pultrusions approximate the strength of steel in tension and compression. Fiberglass is impervious to a broad range of corrosive materials—immune to deterioration.

Concrete Counterflow Cooling Towers
800 class concrete cooling towers are hurricane and typhoon resistant by virtue of mass, and concrete defies the detrimental effects of heat and ultraviolet light. Concrete is a natural material which is ideally suited for long service life in the harshest cooling tower environment. And concrete will never degrade the quality of cooling water circulating through the tower Available in precast concrete for jobs where schedule and economics favor an ‘assembled” product, or cast-in-place when in situ forming and casting are favored. Cellular or multi-fan cooling tower configurations available to suit site requirements.

Wood Counterflow Cooling Towers
All cooling tower wood is pressure treated after fabrication. All fabricated steel components are hot dip galvanized or stainless steel. Extensive use of inert plastics for structural and non structural components. Designed for heavy industrial use with long service life.”