Three words – Proven, reliable, performance. A variety of fill options have made this type of cooling tower the most versatile product for heavy industrial use for over sixty years and counting.


“The double-flow, vertical discharge crossflow cooling tower was invented and patented by Marley in the late 1930s. The crossflow cooling tower design ensures robust, trouble free operation for years. Splash-fill designs are Ideal for poor water quality applications.

Flexibility of Design
Available in various cell sizes, fill air travels and fill heights. Within each of these cooling tower cell plans, several aspects of the basic design can be varied in order to achieve optimum operating economy. The choices include variations in fill type and density, fan type and size, fan cylinder height and shape, drift eliminator type and density and water distribution method and operating head.

For each basic cell size, the designer can choose from a significant number of possible component combinations. Several of these may result in economical selections capable of the thermal performance requirements, but only one will optimally satisfy the fan horsepower (kW), pump head, plan area and other evaluation paramenters that may have been imposed by the owner’s specifications.

Splash Fill
Available in PVC , injection-molded polypropylene and rough sawn, preservative-treated wood configurations. Splash bar grids available in FRP and injection molded polypropylene.”