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Cooling Towers

Marley flow control offer a complete range of cooling tower products for every need as the SPX (Marley) agents in Eastern Australia & NZ, we represent the world’s only “full line” CT manufacturer – able to offer the complete range of cooling tower alternatives

• Open circuit cooling towers
• Closed circuit cooling towers
• Hybrid cooling towers
• Wet/dry cooling towers
• Plume abatement cooling towers
• Fluid coolers
• Packaged cooling towers
• CTI certified cooling towers
• Field erected cooling towers
• Induced draft cooling towers
• Forced draft cooling towers
• Timber cooling towers
• Fibreglass cooling towers
• Galvanised steel cooling towers
• Stainless steel cooling towers

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Pump Solutions

Specialising in the design, selection, packaged assembly and installation of centrifugal pumpsets for:

• Process plant cooling recirculation water systems
• HVAC condenser water systems
• HVAC chilled water systems
• HVAC hot water systems

Product range

• DIN24255 (EN733) end suction long-coupled centrifugal pumpsets (back-pullout design)
• DIN24255 (EN733) end-suction close-coupled centrifugal pumpsets(back-pullout design)
• Fabricated hot-dip galvanised pump baseplates – unsprung
• Fabricated hot-dip galvanised pump baseplates – spring mounted
• Fabricated hot-dip galvanised pump baseplates – inertia type with standard and seismic spring mounts
• Pump couplings and guards


• Pumpset installation
• Laser alignment of pumpsets
• Pipework installation in ABS, copper and stainless steel
• Pump system repair and overhaul

More Pump Information

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Sales and service
Marley flow control supply parts suitable for any make or model of cooling tower. All parts are quality components manufactured by reputable international suppliers.

Film Fill
Splash fill
• Cross flow fill
• Counter flow fill
• Drift Eliminator
• Louvers and inlet screens
• Spray nozzles
• Inlet control valves
• Fans and fan parts
• Fan cylinders
• Gearboxes and parts
• Couplings and driveshafts
• Pulleys and belts
• Level Control equipment
• Vibration control equipment
• Structural timber and connections
• Structural FRP and connections
• Noise attenuators

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Aftermarket Solutions

Supply and installation of aftermarket components to improve efficiency and maintainability of existing cooling towers is one of our key strengths. These include:
• Internal maintenance platforms
• Non-slip walkways
• Fan cylinder and tower access hatches
• Access ladders and stairways
• Fan erosion solutions
• Noise emission solutions

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Energy Efficiency

Evaporative cooling is a very efficient form of heat rejection. Therefore it is typically cost effective overall to run the cooling tower fan at constant full speed in applications when another part of your process gains benefit from colder water on cooler days. Process benefits may include energy savings (e.g. in chillers or compressors) and/or increased product (e.g. power generation or petrochemical throughput).
In applications where the fan runs full speed the fan energy cost typically equals capital cost of the installed cooling tower every 2 years. However a physically larger tower rejects heat with less fan power. If a larger tower is selected the fan energy cost can be reduced by up to 50%. There is a choice of many sizes to suit your project criteria for capital cost versus operating cost.
See the cooling tower sizing and selection tool and use the Evaluation Parameters tab to input your criteria…or contact MFC, your SPX Cooling Technologies representative.
In contrast, applications that do not take benefit of colder water on cooler days are good candidates for variable speed drive (VSD). [When a tower is running a VSD at less than full speed it is analogous to the physically larger tower with low fan power described above.] If a tower is running a VSD at full speed most of the time then consideration should be given to installing more cooling tower capacity…to make it the (always) low fan power tower described above.